This is where the rubber first meets the road and the road tells the rubber that it’s not interested. In other words, this is where jokes come to live or die, five minutes at a time. These open mics occur every week and comedians come to try out their written jokes in the context of a performance in front of a real live audience. These events are free entry and give an insight into the development of the whole art form. It’s an extremely raw process that can be very entertaining to watch whichever way it goes.

Make a date to join us one of these weekdays in one of our open mics on Tuesday and Thursday.

On Tuesday we do this at the Number 7 club in downtown Nairobi off Koinange and Monrovia Streets intersection.

On Thursdays you can find us at The Mayura Restaurant at the Kenrail Towers in Westlands. New and aspiring comedians are welcome to come and try out. Just arrive before 6:30 pm and ask for Jack so he can put you on the sign up sheet.