How Saturday Night Comedy – Mombasa by Standup Collective went down

Did you miss the electrifying performance by Standup Collective in Mombasa over the weekend? The 19th LTD in Nyali hosted the first edition of Saturday Night Comedy curated by Standup Collective.

The Standup Collective team alongside staff from The 19th LTD after the show.

The show began at 7:15 PM with an electrifying introduction by the host and MC of the night Mr Emmanuel Kisiangani. His witty but relatable scenarios had the audience in stitches throughout the intro set. He would then introduce Ricky Nelson, a Mombasa based stand up comic who had been part of the performance workshop held the day before the comedy night.  He was part of the two local acts who made it to the shortlist for the showcase night alongside Ken Beda.

Ricky Nelson opening the night

Talking of Ken Beda, he was the next act and you could almost confuse him for a veteran despite having been on stage sparingly over the last year. His observational skills were just on another level and the revellers got what they deserved from his reservoir of jokes.

Ken Beda working his magic

Justine Wander was no exception, her murderous jokes killed, as the audience reciprocated with laughter and applause breaks that punctuated her entire set. Soo good was her performance that it paved way for the standout performer of the night Doug Mutai who had a blast. Doug’s struggles navigating the hustle and bustle, that is life, gives a rare insight into our common day occurrence whilst pointing out the funny from many common situations. 

Justine Wanda doing her thing.

To say that the host Emmanuel Kisiangani was so ready for the night is an understatement. Every chance he had on the mic was littered with rib cracking jokes and crowd engaging nuanced conversations. Just the perfect set-up for the last act of the night otherwise known as the headliner. On this occasion, it was none other than Amandeep Jagde who had lots of interesting and funny experiences being a Muhindi in Nairobi Kenya.

Doug Mutai bringing the house down

Standup Collective will be running a series of monthly shows in Mombasa and the next show is slated for the 11th of June 2022. We are on a mission to incubate a comedy club culture in Kenya and we shall be running concurrent performance workshops with the support of Ignite Culture East Africa. 

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