If you are an performing artist of any sorts I am sure at some point in the last year, if not every waking day, you have looked at everything going on in the world and realized that things are not going to be the same again. This has been said so many times it has now become a cliché.

Audience members trying to hold back their laughter in futility… At the Wildly Coffee Lounge’s monthly comedy show.

I do think this is a passive way of being though. I mean we are creatives afterall. We will need to come up with creative ways to counter the ways of the pandemic.  I cannot speak for musicians and big concert promoters about the directions to take but I can speak for and to the people I would call ‘sit down’ entertainers. These are performers whose art form doesn’t require a lot of movement on the dance floor in order for the show to be considered a success. I am talking about the poets, acoustic singers (only if they keep it down), standup comedians (I see the irony) and pastors (the non-miracle ones who have less than 100 followers).

This means of course if you will be relying on hype men to make your event fun because you are trying to give your sit down event a large concert feel, it might over for you. (Kidding and not kidding). I think the time has come for us to be able to use our art form alone, in it’s purest form to excite your audience as much as possible. Give them a cerebral experience like no other till they manifest it physically, in laughter (in the case of comedians), in snaps (poets and those acoustic people) and yezzzir (for the non-miracle ministers). As opposed to the norm of giving them a physical performance, asking them to move around in the hope that it will help them manifest cerebrally.

So in a nutshell, we are gonna have to figure out a way to entertain safely, using those guidelines that have been put in place and cross our fingers that this vaccine business is going to ease the burden a bit. Will gather more thoughts on the subject as we proceed but this is a start.

I am a standup comedian, writer and the only reason I call myself actor is because I prefer radical ideas in context.

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