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Legitimately Childish – SNC

Aug 7, 2021 KSH500 – KSH800

The Saturday Night Comedy at the Blues Restaurant presents a themed comedy show; Legitimately Childish, featuring the comedic stylings of comedy goddess […]

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Highly Debatable Show

Kenya Cultural Center – Ukumbi Mdogo Aug 14, 2021 KSH1000

You deserve something all new and fresh. Now Imagine a debate, but instead of real points for scoring, it is jokes and […]

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Highly Debatable Show

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About Us

The outgrowth of Saturday Night Comedy – Nairobi, Standup Collective was launched in 2017 as the incubators of English language and experimental comedy in Kenya and beyond. Besides growing a comedy club culture in Nairobi, we also strived to create a community of funny people and comedy lovers in general and we believe we are halfway there.

What will get us all there? Well it’s a good thing you asked, we would like to kindly invite you to join us in one of our events and see for yourself. Reserve a ticket to one of the future shows and let’s have a good time. In the meantime, take a look at some of our video snippets as well.

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